Update Google Cloud Load Balancer SSL Cert

Well it is three months since I stated blogging again, and guess what? Time to update the SSL Certificate. Like many other sites chrislovecnm.com is using a free SSL Certificate issued by letsencypt. You have to renew these certificates every three months.

This site is hosted on Google Cloud, and uses a load balancer configured to talk to a bucket. The ssl certificate is attached to the https proxy on the load balancer.

Here are the steps that I followed:

  1. execute sudo certbot certonly --manual -d yoursite.com,www.yoursite.com
  2. followed the instructions and upload the web pages
  3. moved the certs to where they are readable, as certbot makes the read only
  4. created a new cert in gcloud gcloud compute ssl-certificates create my-cert-name --certificate cert.pem --private-key privkey.pem
  5. configured the load balancer to use the new cert

I could have done gcloud compute target-https-proxies update my-https-proxy --ssl-certificate mynewcert, but I already had the console open.

Now I am waiting for caching to see if the cert updated correctly. Fingers crossed :)

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