kops 1.7.1 released

Kops team has released 1.7.1, which contains the required updates for kube-dns and CVE-2017-14491. A previous post covers the details of the CVE.

You can download the kops binary from here. Use this version of kops with Kuberenetes releases 1.4.x through 1.7.x.

Upgrading Existing Clusters

Execute the following command to upgrade kube-dns to the patched version.

kops update --name $MY_CLUSTER --yes

If you are running Kubernetes 1.4.x or 1.5.x, you may need to create the new config map that kube-dns requires. The kops advisory contains the required instructions. You will need to create the config map before running the kops update command.


We appreciate those who helped: @mikesplain, @snoby, @justinsb, @3h4x, @aaronlevy. The community reacted quickly to get the release and patch instructions locked down, and available to the users.

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