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Kubernetes DevOps Architect and Engineer

More than eighteen years of diverse experience creating custom solutions; Kubernetes Implementations, DevOps solutions, Big Data Implementations, and scalable microservices. Proven ability to solve complex problems with limited resources, on-time, and within budget. Retained critical clients in high pressure and politically charged situations by identifying and creating unique solutions, thereby maintaining revenue. Industry-leading blend of cutting-edge Kubernetes Deployments, Big Data Technologies, and system integration. Kubernetes core contributor, kops owner, and lead achitect for the Google Professional Services Helmsman project.


Cloud Stacks Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, vSphere 6.x
Containers Kubernetes, Docker, Bazel, Mesos
DevOps Tools Graphana, Prometheus, Kibana, Terraform, Knife, Icinga, logstash, collectd
Big Data Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Elastic (ELK), Redis, Hadoop
Operating Systems Linux (Gentoo, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, CoreOS), Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Server
Languages Go, Java, Groovy, Scala, Python, Ruby, C/C++, Lua 5.1
Dev Software Intellej, Bazel, Make, Git, Gradle, Maven, Hudson, Jenkins
Other Tools VMware Virtual Cloud Director 5.5, VMware VRealize Suite, Tomcat, Nginx, Apache ActiveMQ 5, Apache Camel, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Percona


Kubernetes Organization

Kubernetes contributor and active community member. Focus is primarily in three areas; Goggle Helmsman, kops, and mentoring.

Principle Architect working with the Google Professional Services Helmsman Program. The project released on 07/25/2018 include 15 OSS demos covering various topics focusing on using Kuberenetes Engine on GCP, and connecting Kubernetes Engine on GCP to Kubernetes Engine On-Prem.

kops is the easiest way to get a production-grade Kubernetes cluster up and running in EC2 or GCE. Added support for installing CNI providers, and cluster validation. Improved kop rolling-update to include support for draining and validating clusters. Worked on support for air gapping kops installations and re-using share security groups and IAM profiles. Assisted other contributors with design and reviewed numerous Pull Requests. Implemented kops bi-weekly developer offices hours.

Volunteered as one of the leaders in the AWS special interest group. Facilitating meetings, and involved in product decisions for AWS cloud support in the Kubernetes project. Implemented critical fix #39551 for Kubernetes 1.4.9 that enabled changing times on volume attach/detach reconciling sync to fixing impact to AWS API calls. Assisting with the creation of an official Kubernetes Mentorship program.

Google / Reactive Ops

Technical lead and principal architect working with Google Proserve on Helmsman program. Set technical guidance and oversaw technical quality for all assests delivered. Team included over 20 engineers.

Led the release of 15+ OSS projects on GitHub here. In those demos and tutorials we covered a range of topics broken into various areas; Databases, Networking, Rolling Updates, Istio, Security, Logging Monitoring and Tracing.

Each of the above tracks include accompanying presentations that are available to Google Partners.


Assist in deploying Kubernetes into air-gapped enterprise environments with kops self-hosted assets. Implemented capability to re-use security groups, iam profiles, in order to pass security review and PEM testing. Utilized helm charts to deploy Cassandra and Datastax enterprise. Designed and implemented Cassandra containers and stateful sets based on contributed Kubernetes Cassandra examples. Implemented POC using weave to create a mesh pod network between two K8s clusters. Mentored developers in K8s design and custom application implementation.


Lead architecture and deployment of Kubernetes deployment for trebuchet SAS platform hosted in AWS. Architecture included CNI networking, installation tool selection. Designed kops private topology, deploying nodes in private VPC utilizing AWS Nat Gateways. Mentored staff on advanced Kubernetes DevOps, microservices and stateful applications. Assisted with maintaining 5/9’s availability of Kubernetes environments.


Contributed to Cisco Cloud open source project named Mantl. Mantl is a platform for rapidly deploying globally distributed services. Mantl platform utilizes Ansible, Ansible plugins, and Terraform to install cloud environments. Once the cloud environment and servers are launched, Mantl can be configured to install Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker, and other technologies such as ELK. Focused on furthering Mantl, Terraform, and vSphere integration. Assisted in setting up vSphere 6.0 test cluster, allowing for end-to-end system tests. Contributed to Terraform project, written in Go, and assisted in managing various bugs on Github. Modified and tested Mantl Ansible python plug-ins allowing for the use of new terraform provider. Wrote a white paper on running Cassandra on either Mesos or Kubernetes, which contrasted pros and cons. Completed assessment and diagnosis of Cassandra challenges.

Held multiple Software and DevOps roles within the company. Projects varied from acting as a subject matter expert for VMware Cloud API, to interacting with top client’s dealing with mission-critical issues. Software projects primarily included Spring-based Java, and Ruby working on chef and knife. Involved in the creation of an online marketplace for virtual machines within CenturyLink’s cloud product. Lead member of team to allow CenturyLink to sell VMware vRealize Operations to their clients.

Assisted teams to overcome hurdles with virtual machine deployment. Worked with internal and VMware support to resolve software and system issues. Discovered various mission-critical bugs before they directly impacted clients, and created SLA fines for CenturyLink. Introduced using knife, a component of chef, for the DevOps engineers. Knifed reduced the deployment time in half of a fully managed and configured virtual machines. Created reports that allowed the client to reduce their costs, and determine low and high use systems. Assisted DevOps teams with various puppet improvements.

Smile Brands

Lead initiative to process dental insurance claims via integration with various partners. Utilizing Apache Camel and web services to process and submit claims to insurance processors. Running Camel inside of Apache Karaf within an OSGI based classloading system. Data layer is Oracle based utilizing JPA to communicate with the database. Web and Apache Camel layers are implemented using various Spring 3.2 components including REST, MVC, AOP, and dependency injection.

Dish Network

After initial project served is part-time consultant assisting with various technical and implementation challenges. Worked hand in hand with SecureAuth (SAML identity company) to create SAML SSO environment to pilot security model for Dish Network and Blockbuster Video. Created POC implementation of a secure J2EE web application hosted in WebLogic with user identities and roles secured via SecureAuth SAML IdP. Assisted SecureAuth with product improvements to enable SecureAuth to act as an IdP for WebLogic.

Fully documented POC and trained Dish Network staff on SAML, the implementation of secure WebLogic application and the implementation of security utilizing SecureAuth. Integrated Tomcat with SecureAuth using Spring Security SAML Extension.

AT&T - Spring / vFrabric Consultant

Serving as a Senior Consult, working with AT&T, to integrate VMware Virtual Cloud Director with various network and IP provisioning and billing systems. Created a Grails audit tool to track discrepancies between AT&T network provisioning and the usage of those provisions within VMware Virtual Cloud Director. Grails application utilizes Twitter Bootstrap for look and feel, and jQuery as it’s JavaScript library. Leveraged groovy to lazy load process XML that was created by a Spring Integration system which aggregates data from Oracle databases into XML reports.

Built integration bridge linking vCD and IP / Network provisioning tools. Utilized Spring MVC and Spring Rest Client to build a rest bridge allowing data conversion between XML and JSON. Assisted with the creation of Spring Integration system that listens for RabbitMQ messages from vCD then routes the messages to AT&T’s billing system. Implemented new continuous integration build system utilizing Jenkins and Maven. Started test-driven development and maven build policies for release management. Trained and mentored AT&T staff in Spring, Maven, Unit Testing, and CI best practices and industry standards.

Progress Software – ADP and Garden City Group

ADP – Expanded functionality of previously implemented Spring based web services. This service layer provided the custom capability to create forecasts of future tasks within a running Savvion BusinessManager process. Mentored staff in utilizing Spring based JUnit testing to save considerable time testing functionality outside of the Savvion container.

Garden City Group – Assisted with the creation of a custom adapter for the integration of web services. Implemented various examples, including a web application that hosted CXF web services. This application provides examples of how to integrate an external web application with Savvion BusinessManager via the BizLogic Client API. Using an external web application allows the creation of new Savvion components while not adding the custom code to the Savvion installation. This architecture allows for easier future upgrades. Worked with GCG to create production architecture for SBM 7.8 deployed on RedHat JBoss AS.

Accenture – Healthcare Client

Contracted as lead architect and portal developer. Brought on to address various WebCenter Interaction needs and PeopleSoft content integration. Discovered challenges with Single Sign-On and WSRP solution. Worked with Oracle WebCenter development group to architect WSRP / SAML solution utilizing the following technology stack: WebCenter Interaction 10g, WebCenter Pagelet Producer 11g, Oracle Virtual Directory 11g, Oracle Access Manager 11g, and PeopleSoft. The solution allows users to access PeopleSoft content from within a WebCenter Interaction Portal, and the user’s identity is passed to PeopleSoft via Oracle Access Manager and SAML.

Designed and implemented web application to provide user access to Siebel tickets via a WebCenter Interaction portlet. User Interface utilized Ext JS, Spring, CXF Rest and Webservices. Stabilized production deployment using WLST and Maven. Worked with Oracle On Demand to implement and deploy various components and technologies including WebCenter Interaction, WebCenter Spaces, Single Sign-On, WebLogic, Identity Management and SSL Security. Mentored client staff in technologies including Maven, Git, Spring, WLST, Ext JS, and other Oracle technologies.


Implemented custom web service to provide access to various data points within certain Savvion BusinessManager 7.5 processes. Utilized BizLogic APIs, BizLogic Query Service, and BizStore Query Service to access and aggregate various data points within processes. Wrote custom service that allowed a process to be completed while setting a data slot before the process was completed. Developed a service layer that allowed the setting of various data slot values within a process. Created JSP front-end to interact with the above services utilizing EXT JS libraries and JSON. Worked with BizLogic and BizSolo process flows.


Re-architected legacy daemon process into a web application utilizing Spring, JPA, RestEasy, CXF, Apache Camel, and Apache ActiveMQ. System-integrated multiple systems including databases, VMLogix, proprietary interfaces and source control. Reduced overall lines of code by approximately 40%, while increasing unit test coverage by approximately 150%. Increased system performance by 400%, by utilizing ActiveMQ and Apache Camel. System orchestrated software testing utilizing VMLogix LabManager and virtual images running on VMware ESX servers. System performance now allows Intuit to run approximately 1100 software tests overnight, testing web-based and desktop software products.

Assisted with mission-critical project that created various Maven plug-ins used for Intuit’s build system. Built system utilizes Hudson and Perforce. Migrated Savvion 6.0 projects to Savvion 7.0.


Led a team creating web-based insurance applications that allows clients to purchase or renew professional liability insurance policy(s). Camico saw positive income from their new business application within a week of the initial launch. Integrated multiple systems using Oracle AquaLogic BPM. These systems included: SalesLogix CRM, Camico’s Policy System ‘PLUS’, communicating with various .Net web services, databases, and business analytics. Co-authored custom .Net WebControl / AJAX library extending .Net controls while utilizing MooTools and Clientcide JavaScript libraries.

Worked with Camico employees to improve unit testing, system testing, source control, installation procedures, and other software best practices. These practices were instrumental in reducing overall time to market by approximately 33%. Mentored developers in software development, AquaLogic BPM, Java / C# web service interoperability, and general software delivery practices.

Warner Bros.

Brought on to the Digital End-to-End (DETE) program to provide: architecture health checks, mentoring across various project components, and the delivery of service layer framework to access AquaLogic BPM. DETE is Warner Bros. vision of the future studio environment, wherein content is created, processed, managed and distributed digitally. The project’s cornerstone technologies included AquaLogic BPM, WebCenter Interaction, AquaLogic Enterprise Service Bus, and HP Digital Media Platform.

Collaborated with different development teams to stabilize and implement base frameworks for various project components including data service layer utilizing hibernate with Java 5.0 annotations, automated build environment with maven2, and review of system hardware infrastructure to support an HA environment. Delivered Spring aware service layer framework that allowed various software components to access ALBPM via its Process API (PAPI).

Option One Mortgage

Developed a paperless mortgage AquaLogic BPM application. Implemented WebLogic PageFlows communicating with AquaLogic BPM via Process API calls. The custom PageFlows replaced the out of the box ALBPM interactive user pages. Collaborated with the client performance tuning WebLogic and ALBPM Engine running on a VMWare virtual server.

Micron Technologies

Led the implementation of a Savvion BusinessManager 6.8, on BEA WebLogic 8.1 server. The rollout included fifteen systems with five systems in production. Integrated WebLogic applications with SiteMinder agents on both Apache and WebLogic, to provide Single Sign-On solution. Corrected LDAP and Savvion integration issues that reduced client’s login time from over ten minutes to less than four seconds.

Implemented company’s overall BPM strategy and practices, while mentoring various business units with BPM implementations. BPM projects ranged from manufacturing excursions to providing executive level metrics and scorecards. Created production release procedures that leveraged CruiseControl, Maven and Subversion.

Military Experience

United States Air Force and DOD

Honorably discharged, in 1994, from United States Air Force with the rank of E-4, and continued to work for the Department of Defense. A Decorated veteran with time spent in Desert Storm.


University of Colorado

Electrical Computer Engineering - Attended three years of college, before being recruited by an employer for a software position.

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